At that first gathering we were – and we still are – on a quest for one thing: to come up with new forms of social intervention based on artistic practices. In view of the results, we can say that we achieved our aim with flying colours. Thanks to our guests and to their many creative tactics, and thanks to the hundreds of people who dropped in during the event, we came up with quite a few good ideas on how to take action in this context of pervasive crisis. Check out the two links below and you’ll see what we mean:

Party in Bankia

Reflectors against Evil

We decided to organise the festival How to End Evil because we wanted to change things, and we thought that artistic practices, used wisely, could be the ideal tool for the job. That idea activated this engine of social change. It was the beginning of the end of Evil. Now it’s time to finish the job.

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Más info y fotografias reflectantes en la web de enmedio.info. Si quieres construir un cubo reflectante  también conocido com o «Cubi» aquí tienes el tutorial.