Edition 2015

We’re ready to strike again. Here comes the second edition of How to End Evil, our international gathering on creative activism. Surely you didn’t think a single blow would be enough to end Evil? No way, Jose. It takes impertinence to end Evil, you have to persevere over and over. As often as it takes.

If you attended the first edition you’ll remember how much fun we had and all the great things we did. Things like creating The Reflectors against Evil and the Party at Bankia, actions that have already achieved the status of classic hits of international artivism. But a lot has happened since then: city squares are empty again, street protests appear to have given way to a tough long-distance race to take the institutions. We don’t know where all of this will lead, but we do know that the sky over our lives is still overcast. The weather is still terrible around here.

Our lives aren’t better: we’re on a path that’s making us be more alone, more broken, more at loggerheads with each other.

Unemployment and the privatisation of public services are careering out of control, with nobody at the reins. Banks and multinational corporations are earning more than ever, while ‘mileuristas’ who earn a monthly salary of a thousand euros a month are now envied rather than pitied. On top of all of this, the Spanish parliament recently passed a Gag Law, a ploy to rid the public sphere of anything other than the politics of the politicians.

As you can see, there are plenty or reasons to open our toolkit again. This time we’ll do it in San Sebastian, from 25 to 28 March. Four days packed with presentations and workshops dedicated to devising new forms of action in the context of this pervasive crisis. We will be joined by quite a few friends, local and international exponents of the most impressive creative activism of recent years.  And we won’t leave until we have a bunch of ideas with which to End Evil again. Are you in?